Feeling outdated and helpless by the thought of the thankless task of conducting elections?

We understand your concerns better than anyone else. Election is an infrequent; yet one of the most important event for associations governed in a democratic way. Conducting election in a conventional ballot-way, needless to mention, is a laborious and error prone method. It could lead to legal hassles if not administered properly. Election is a specialized workflow and just like a payment gateway, in case of e-commerce, PollGateway acts like a secure conduit for election process. Your search for a dependable gateway for eVoting or ePolls ends here at PollGateway


  • At PollGateway, we understand how important and critical is the task of conducting election. It is not just about implementing some software but it is about dealing with a process, that could lead to legal complications. Inefficient and erroneous process may permanently damage the reputation of the organization. Prof. Dr. Suyash Kulkarni, Secretary of one of the prestigious Societies in Medical field in India explains why he chose PollGateway –

  • Poll gateway is based on ‘pay-for-use’ principle. No licenses for the software to be paid upfront, no worries about IT infra. It is all on the Cloud and you just pay for a PollGateway annual pack as per your need. That includes certain number of election specific credit points. You pay for the end result, that is, for effective execution of an end-to-end electoral process.

  • PollGateway is based on ISO 27001 – 2013 security guidelines and for critical processes, goes a step further to incorporate the security standards used in very mature Banking vertical. All the processes are auditable and data encryption does not allow access to the data, at any stage, to any unauthorized user, including the development and support team of PollGateway!

  • PollGateway acts like a Gateway, embedded in the existing website of the subscribing association as a part of overall flow. It allows easy import of member data and allocation of various tasks to the Election Committee staff. PollGateway provides intelligent alerts so that no user misses out any task and gets warned ahead of time, if something is amiss!

  • We are aware that election is not a routine event and the number of users must be a minimum possible staff. PollGateway configuration is very secure yet very intuitive. Almost a do-it-yourself task! The number of users, depending on the size of the subscribing organization, could be as low as one to any number without limit. Should you require helping hand from PollGateway, we are happy to provide additional optional services to handhold your team.

  • PollGateway “Poll Banner Wizard” offers each Nominee or Contestant, a fair chance to communicate to the voters professionally and reach to the voter is no longer an unfair advantage to a few.