Design Process

The data is stored in an encrypted form on the Cloud such as Amazon – AWS which carries one of the highest levels of security credentials.

For any database, one must have a data administrator, who has certain control on the data stored within the database. However, we store it in encrypted form so the data can never be manipulated even by the DB Admin. It gets decrypted only when a authorized user accesses it through appropriate role of a user. We use additional levels of security for the data that belongs to the ongoing voting and all the activities pertaining to the data are logged for the audit.

PollGateway creates transparency by keeping the data / information visible to all so that the election is a well informed process. PollGateway provides configurable alerts that remind Voters, Candidates and Office bearers about their tasks and responsibilities. We implement techniques to highlight likely duplicate voters and ensure that only a valid voter votes and votes only once. We use missed call / OTP to verify the genuine voter and PollGateway has provision to include UID like Aadhaar. Not even the Head of the Election Committee can bypass security processes and best practices.

It is one of the basic tenets of democratic elections that the voter’s choice must be kept secret and identity of the voter can never be associated with the Vote in physical or electronic form. PollGateway does not store any data that would link the identity of voter to his/her eVote or opinion.

Yes. Sometimes organizations cannot enforce 100% online voting and must allow exceptions for paper ballots and PollGateway provides a secure and controlled process to execute such elections.


PollGateway is software solution but offered as a service ( SaaS – Software as a Service ) So PollGateway offers you a pack that comprises of use of PollGateway IT Infrastructure on Cloud on annual subscription basis. This subscription includes certain number of consumable services. These services are not unrestricted but limited in terms of

  • Number of elections the organization conducts in ayear.
  • Number of Voters are authorized to participate in the voting during a year.
  • Number of Posts / Positions contested during a year etc.

Depending on the consumption requirement, the Subscribers can choose various types of Packs.

Registration is a one time fee for registration of the organisation on PollGateway. Unless the organization is registered, no PollGateway Pack can be subscribed.

The allocation of resources must be done for all eligible voters in the same manner, even if all of them vote or otherwise. The Pack therefore considers all the authorized voters as the consumable parameter of the Pack and not the actual voters exercising the right of voting.

Yes During the Validity of a Pack it can be upgraded through Top-up Packs, selectively.

Pack expires after the term of subscription ( in most of the cases 1 year ) and the balance pack credits cannot be consumed for any subsequent election or poll.

PollGateway prefers on-line payments. NEFT, Credit/ Debit card, Net banking are some of the preferred modes of payments.


We do offer a demo of the mock process on PollGateway. In case of technical difficulty, voters can always reach our help-desk.

Yes. The PollGateway web solution is designed to be accessed from any web browser either on a smartphone,  feature phone or a laptop /desktop connected to the internet.

For a 100% online voting, the results can be declared instantly after the closure of the voting phase. But in case it is legally mandated to allow the postal ballots for exceptional and fair needs, we support this workflow as well.

No need for data entry professionals. We provide you a facility to import the data from convenient file formats such as MS Excel. Our data processing has built-in intelligence to highlight discrepancies. The data corrections, if any, are done by election office prior to freezing the voter’s list.

Yes. We recommend that it should be integrated with the Website of the subscribing organization. The Website Administrator must facilitate such integration.


Yes. PollGateway is a flexible platform and can be easily co-branded with large partners.