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When technology is the way to stand tall. When complex & tedious processes stand in your way. When security and reliability of polling and elections is your concern. WE CAN HELP.

We work across multiple associations, industries, and bodies, as listed below:

  • Professional associations
  • Trade associations
  • Business associations
  • Limited/Unlimited companies and NGOs
  • Housing societies
  • Cooperative societies
  • Councils, Corporations
  • College and University student associations
  • Sports clubs
  • Political parties

Types of voting processes that PollGateway addresses

Professional and business associations, societies, clubs, political parties, College / Universities and Unions belong to this category.

These bodies elect single posts such as President, Treasurer etc or a committee that has fixed number of members with same role, to be chosen from contesting nominees. In India, these bodies are registered as a trust under Charity Commission or as a Not-for-profit Society

Limited Companies comprise of Private and Public Limited companies. Share holders of the companies have voting right.

The companies need to comply with the regulations for the resolutions passed by the general body of the shareholders or members. Each vote in this has a weight proportionate to the share holding of the corresponding member.

This applies mostly to the Councils comprising of the elected members, who typically represent a region / zone / category of the general membership.

In India, each state ( province ) has a legislative council or the upper house, wherein, the representatives are elected by preferential voting. Here, the vote can be transferred to multiple preferences for the candidates as per certain rules, which makes the manual counting process extremely time-consuming. This type of voting is adopted by the Bar Council of India and multiple other councils.

This applies to any association. Technically it is exactly similar to voting but instead of a post one votes for or against an issue or a topic.

Opinion Poll can be taken on any important matter that needs larger involvement than the executive body. It is called a referendum if a legal action is mandated by the outcome of the Opinion Poll. This is a very effective tool to assess the collective mindset of the members. PollGateway offers convenient subscription packs that include a certain number of opinion polls along with the elections.