CONTROL is with you, we facilitate the process.

DATA is yours, we create a secure place to have it stored.

Conducting an election is not easy and it involves multiple authorities and stakeholders from the organizing association. PollGateway makes sure, at every stage, needed help & guidance is provided.

If we monitor the entire election ceremony from Association – Pollgateway handhold point of view, below are some important steps which are involved:

Registration/ Subscription :

  • Assess your requirement and subscribe to appropriate ‘PollGateway Pack’ that comprises of various services pertaining to eVoting or online elections/opinion polls.

The data preparation and the set up:

  • Get a secure access and create users, policies, schedules to set up or configure elections / Opinion polls using the PollGateway wizard.
  • Effectively communicate with all stakeholders in a timely manner using email / sms engine and create a dashboard for all with 100% transparency.
  • Use PollGateway AI to detect exceptions and possible unfair practices.

Online voting using Pollgateway e-Ballot:

  • Polgateway ensures 100% privacy and uses various authentication processes to ensure that only authorized member casts an online vote and casts it only once. We can use the social security number /unique citizen number ( UIDAI or Aadhar in case of India ) or biometric identification for that matter for authentication.
  • Voting becomes delightfully easy and no vote goes waste as an invalid vote.
  • We encrypt the data end-to-end. We encrypt it in such a way that no single person could decrypt the voting data. Not even from the PollGateway team!


  • Results are almost instantaneous and we preserve audit trails without compromising privacy of the voters.