An IITan and an Entrepreneur at core with strong background of Electrical, Biomedical engineering and Information Technology. 15+ years of exposure to the industries including engineering, ITES, Healthcare Informatics and consulting around a product.

Aniruddha co-founded 21st Century Health Management Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2006 and 21st Century Informatics (Holding) BV, head quartered in Amsterdam in 2012. He was a core member of the strategy team to create value using technology and innovations.

Aniruddha understands the value creation from a start-up stage upwards and has exposure to leading the corporate communication, branding and investor relations in his earlier stints. He cherishes the strength of the team he builds and his people are his best asset.

Identifying the real need and conceptualising a product around it, is his strength. He invariably comes out with ‘out of the box’ business and delivery models, as a winning combination. In his second innings at GraOne, Aniruddha is focussed on cloud and mobility to transform diversified ecosystems and PollGateway is one of the first outcomes.