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A complete product

PollGateway handles end-to-end process for any on-line election or an opinion poll. It addresses concerns of all stake holders, starting from head of the election committee and covering entire staff of election office, voters and nominees contesting elections. It is a generic and configurable solution that takes into account various finer shades of the electoral processes.

Head of the election Committee

The ultimate responsibility of conducting the election successfully , rests on the head of the election committee who struggles to manage this additional role […]


Inconvenience of the conventional ballot based voting and compromised privacy are the two main concerns of any voter. This results in poor turnover of the voters […]

Contesting Nominees

Nominees need a level playing field to reach out to the voters and convey their message. Unfair advantage to an opponent, in terms of reach to the voters, is no longer a concern […]



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